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Please select a country where you wish to obtain information:
Our Service
Our aim is to efficiently provide clients with documentary evidence of the true existence of any particular company.
We endeavour to provide the most up to date information, normally within 7 working days, to include either a �Name Search�, 'Profile Report' or �Full Copy� of all historical documents held by the local registry for any registered company.
Example of a Profile Report.
Our service covers the widely used registration countries as listed and we are able to access documents in most other countries throughout the world.

Why should you need actual copies of documents?

Establishing the existence of a particular company and obtaining full copies of documents held at the registry may be required for example for:
Due Diligence - To satisfy requirements when confirmation of a company�s existence is paramount.
Asset Tracing - To ascertain what further details may be disclosed from such documents, as facts may arise to assist any tracing exercise to be undertaken.
Legal - When certified documents may be required for evidential purposes.*

What information is normally available?

Due to the varying jurisdictional disclosure requirements the content of the information available will differ depending upon the country of origin. However the following details are usually available:
  • Full name of company and style e.g. Ltd; Inc; SA; IBC.
  • Company number; date of incorporation; incorporation agent.
  • Company status e.g. active/dissolved (and if dissolved the reason & date).
  • Company registered address.
  • Share capital, names of directors/principals.
  • Trading activities.
From the list please select the country from where you might wish to obtain information.
Should you require documents from a country not listed please contact us.
For speed and safety reasons copy documents are always dispatched to you by express courier service and our fees incorporate this charge.
Name Search
Confirmation that a company name exists at a registry in a particular country or jurisdiction that you nominate.

World Wide Name Search
If you are unsure in which country a particular company name is registered, we can help by performing a world wide name search. For a nominal fee we will check with any company registry worldwide for confirmation that a company name exists.
*(In certain countries there may be a nominal extra charge for this service and in the event that this is foreseen the client will be informed accordingly).
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